Millward Brown Ulster


The expertise available at Millward Brown Ulster is unparalleled in Northern Ireland - a position the agency upholds by constantly reviewing the latest in modern research techniques and applications.

Combining expertise with local knowledge, Millward Brown Ulster conducts research in Northern Ireland to the highest standards.

The truth of public and business opinion has always been at the heart of our work at Millward Brown Ulster. Objectivity, integrity, and clear-sightedness are critical contributors in achieving these ends, along with a disciplined and well-organised approach.


Millward Brown Ulster has established a state of the art viewing facility with a suite of rooms designed to permit large teams to view focus groups in real time. 
For more details, including a short MPEG movie clip showing our quali-lab in action, visit our Quali-lab feature. 


Millward Brown Ulster • 115 University Street • Belfast BT7 1HP
tel: [+44] (0) 28 9023 1060 • fax: [+44] (0) 28 9024 3887

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